Sunday, March 31, 2019

My zong app

Take control of your Zong-software internet luggage, entertainment and more, check out the rest of your free resources by enabling you to check / disable luggage or packages on the Internet control detail of your internet account, which is a stop for your zongan accounting organization again.
You can now access simple steps and up to 5 numbers.
You can use the features mentioned above in 3 languages ​​with English, Urdu and Chinese: My Zong application, antaŭpagaj, poŝtkordoj, MBB and Internet SIM-clients.

Manage your Zong account
Provide details about SIM ownership
Customers can handle detailed barriers in the last 3 months.
Check your current balance and its expiration date
Active package plans and advertising information for PostPad and PrePad
Manage your MBB device and provide the MBB package directly from your Zong software
Enable Internet Sims Package
See internet usage
Call and SMS short information.
Data Manager must provide user code information
Enable or disable Zong promotions / packages / VASs
Reload the Rabbit Card or Recharge Online account
Become a user zone
Games and Apps
Find Us
Opposition campaign control
Book 4G devices
Zong talks to KDK and Francesis map