Sunday, March 31, 2019


PLAYERUNKNOWN ‘BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile gets – Real War Royale is available on your device!
  1. Public audience on the mobile
    He won a winning paraglider on an 8 × 8 km island with 100 players. The player must detect and face their weapons, vehicles and supplies, and all players must enrich rich and tired war. Prepare yourself to prepare, lose, and live on any land and the last man!
  2. High quality graphics and HD audio
    Powerful realistic engineers have created a rich landscape experience with rich details, realistic effects of the game, and a massive HD map of War Raw. It feels like you are listening because it plays with high-quality audio, it surrounds the 3D audio effect and the 7.1 channels.
  3. Realistic weapons
    Continuous continuous fireworks, millennial weapons and Bollywood realistic propaganda, lets you shoot, beat or sit your enemies. Oh, and you like a frying pan? We have a pan
  4. In the style of travel
    Commandeer makes a variety of vehicles, vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and boats to find enemies, at sports centers or to escape faster.
  5. Get with your friend
    Avoid fighting with your friends. Join with friends and friends, manage the plan’s plan with sound chat and set waste.
  6. Fair-friendly environment
    Anti-fraud is a powerful anti-fraud mechanism to provide entertainment and fair market for all mobile players in your pocket.
    PlayersA commonly known Battlegrounds games are usually the most repeated games as publicly. This war is a Royal Shooter, aiming to deal with Freight. Or before the PUBG pioneer, it was published before all the titles published by Tensen’s Chinese sports company.
Unlike the main competitors, PUBG offers a lot of realistic environments and activities without monsters or zombies … such as practicing amongst humans, for example, it is possible to set up alliances between players like the players.
Tencent PUBG Amulator PC: Windows mobile version
PUBG has its official version with a computer that you can download from steam. However, its developers say Tencent Gaming Buddy through their platforms, we now offer the game version, that is, especially the Pc Edition Mobile Adaptation, Pocket G-Mobile. But if a specific title requires a version of the phone running? Casual: anyone who wants to play for free.
Both Android and iPhone versions are fully uploaded because Tencent has decided to submit it through its emulator. For this reason, at least it certifies that everyone who decides to run and run PUBG AP will perform via virtual machine, and there is no third-party Blue Stack, Andy or similar software that does not grow.
The best way to play the playing field on Windows computers.
To install the Tencent PUBG emulator, install the installer, download the game and follow this stage when downloading and installing. After that process, whenever we want to play on our computer, they will be available on our home screens.