Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Google Adsense Disapproved Reason 2019

Google AdSense Disapproved

If your Adsense account is constantly being disapproved, then today we are going to tell you what is the reason for having Google Adsense Disapproved Hone Ke Reasons With Solution Disapprove Your Adsense Account and How You Easily Approve Your Adsense Can. So today we will talk about all the reasons why your adsense becomes disapprove. And it is told to you with the help of a mail by AdSense. Disapprove because of your adsense, insufficient content or duplicate content. So you have to do it, whatever your mail receives adsense mail receipts, you have to improve your blog on the reasons written therein. After which you have to reply again. This is the five biggest reasons for having adsense disapprove.

Insufficient Contents

If you have Disapproval Reason Insufficient Contents of Adsense by Google Adsense, then you need to write at least 50 sixty high-quality articles on your blog. That is, the content on your blog is very low due to which your adsense has been disapproved. In today's time, you will need to write high-quality content on your blog in order to approve Adsense because adsense has now started giving high-quality content, although adsense has not made any announcement for any such rule, adsense definitely says adsense will not be approved on blogs with fewer content and more images.

User Interface / Blog Design

Yes, if your blog does not optimize properly, that means your blog's interface is not good or user-friendly. That means you have used too much High Contrast Color or your navigation is not good, or you have used a bad template on your blog, then you can change it immediately. Or if your blog is on Wordpress then you can use this plugin. Think of yourself if you visit any such website. The template is not good. Navigation is not good. You do not know anything, there is a big font somewhere or some very small font. Or they are not clearly visible. So you will not like to visit such a website. Similarly, adsense also does not like such a site at all.

Paid Traffic

If you have paid Paid Traffic on your blog or after applying AdSense for your blog. So be careful, because Google easily recognizes Paid Traffic on your blog, and Google does not like Paid Traffic at all. So you have to do SEO of your blog. This means that you should come from Search Engine or Social Networking sites on your blog only then your blog will be close to google adsense.

Adult Or Hacking Related Content

If you put Adult or Hacking related content or Torrent download links on your blog, then your blog will be disapproved within a few hours because all these things are not liked by adsense. All these things can be harmful to your blog. Now it is up to you what you want from your blog, share information, or want to make money, or both.

Copyright / Duplicate Content

If you want to make Lifetime Blogging, then you do not have to copy any content from your blog to anywhere. Google recognizes duplicate content very easily. If you want to know about Copyright / Duplicate Content, you can read our post. Here I have given you full information on how you can remove duplicate content from your blog. Or, if someone has copied your content, then you can do a copyright claim for your content.

Last Words

So now you may have understood why your adsense was being disapproved. So if your adsense has been disapproved for some reason other than this, then you must tell us by commenting, and at the same time, you should also tell us about how this Google AdSense Disapproved Hone Ke Reasons With Solutions was posted today.