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How Do I Start A Career As A YouTuber ?

Hello Friends And Especially My New Youtube Friends. If You Are Reading This Article Of Ours Today Then It Is Certain That You Are Now Thinking Of Starting Your Youtube Career And It Is A Good Thing. How And Why We Are Going To Discuss This In Today's Post And Know How And Why You Should Do Youtube Career Start.

If You Talk About It Before Today, Many Bloggers Did Not Come Until 2018 And Even Today, About 3 Years Ago, There Was Not So Much Competition In Blogging, And If Talking About Earnings Would Have Got Better But Today Everything Has Changed And Nowadays Blogging Is Not A Time For Today's Youtube Career Start .

Until A Few Days Ago, I Also Believed That There Is No Difference Between Youtube And Blogging, You Can Earn Good Money By Choosing One Of Both And Succeed, But Then I Looked At An English Blog That The 2021 Time Is Completely Youtube's Time And In 2021 There Will Be No Meaning For The Content.

According To That Blog, In 2021, 82% Of People Would Prefer The Video Rather Than Content. The Thing Is Also To Think And It Seems Right Because If People Talk About India In Today's Time, Then People Are Disliking Content In India Itself And In Today's Time There Is More Success Than Blogger.

Be Alert - If You Have Any Hindi Blog, You Can Go To Youtube Today And Start A Youtube Career Startup And If You Have Not Created A Blog Yet, Then I Would Recommend That You Do Not Start Blog Do Or You Can Start Both If You Want To, But Say That Does Not Ignore Youtube At All.

Now Here's The Thing To Do Just Hindi Blog Or Indian Blogger, You Know Very Well What Is The History Of Hindi Blogs In Today's Time And The Impact Of Reliance Jio In India Has Had The Biggest Impact And The People Of India Really Do So It Is Lazy To Do Not Want To Spend Time Reading At All Because It Seems To Be A Matter Of More Problem For Hindi Blogger.

So To Say The Whole Thing Is That Today, Youtube Career Seems To Be Somewhat Safe At A Time, Thinking That You Should Be Told About It But Is That Easy?

No, Doing Youtube Career Start Is  Not As Easy As We Are Thinking, And Like Blogging, It Has The Same Chances Of Failing, But There Is More To It If We Do Not Start Youtube Properly, This Post About This Today Is Going To Talk And Give You Some Important Tips That Will Definitely Work For You.

But Before That, As I Mentioned In The Post Titles When You Should Start Youtube Career Let's Cover Some Main Points -

Youtube Career Start

# 1. If You Can Speak In Front Of The Camera, Then Youtube Is The Best Option For You.

#2. By Making A Video Coming In Front Of The Camera, Your Viewers Will Keep A Lot Of Interest In Your Video Because It Creates A Bond Between You And Your Viewer, Just Like A Teacher And A Student Are In.

# 3 There Is Only One Success In Youtube That Can Be Patient Because There Is No Necessity For Millions Of Views On Your Every Video.

# 4. Your Only Good Video Can Give You Good Growth In Youtube, So Try Making 100% Worth Of Time At The Time You're Making A Video.

# 5. You Must Have A Good Video Editor To Record A Video Because They Can Give Your Video A Nice Look. I'm Going To Tell You About Who Might Be The Best In The Post.

# 6. You Must Have A Good And Unique Topic For Youtube That You Can Work On As You Do On Blogger.

# 7. If You Are Not Able To Afford Money For DSLR, Then You Can Also Use A Smartphone Because Nowadays Better Video Can Be Made And Edit Can Also Be Made.

If You Follow All Of These, Then Youtube Is Waiting For You. You Can Start Youtube Career Today.

Youtube Career Start Kaise Kare

# 1. First Of All, Please Complete The Basic Things: -  So Now That You Have Thought That You Have To Work On Youtube And Make A Career In This, Then You Should Start Working Without Delay Because There Is No Lack Of Competition In It Too. But You Can Not Start From A Professional Way, Because You Have To Observe Many More Things.

It Is Therefore Good That You First Complete Whatever You Want, As If You Create An Email Account For Your Channel, For This, I Would Recommend That You Do Not Use Any Old Email And If Possible Please Create A New Account. Take And Create Gmail Account Related To Your Channel Name Only

After That, Make A Nice Logo For Your Channel And Also Prepare The Channel Art So That The New People Who Come To Your Channel Should Look Good In Your Channel So That The Chances Of Subscribing Are Increased.

#2. Select The Topic From The Best One For Yourself: -  After Making The Channel, You Now Have An Important And Most Important Job For You To Choose A Good Topic For Your Channel So That We Can Create Video Related To It And For A Long Time People Want To Know About Topics.

You Should Never Hurry To Choose The Topic And Use All The Sources Available So That You Can Get Help In Choosing Your Topic. You Can Also Analyze Yourself On Youtube For That If You Are From India And Make A Video In Hindi, Then Which Topic Will Be Best For You.

# 3 Try To Make A Video On Recent News And Trending Topic: -  The Highest Traffic Comes On A Similar Video, So It Is Often Seen That Youtube Makes A Video On The Same Topic Which Is Trending Now And Keeps Good Views Too.

If You Are Thinking Of Making A Video And You Have Selected The Topic, The First Search On Youtube About How Much Work It Is And Whether People Are Interested In Learning About The Information You Are About To Give. |

Apart From This, If You Think There Is A Good Topic And It Is Not Available On Youtube So Far, Then This Is The Best Time. You Should Make A Video On The Topic As Soon As Possible So That It Will Not Be Found At The Beginning But Like People, Will Like To See Your Own Videos Only When The Item That Demand Comes.

Right For Some Short Time But You Should Try To Bring Yourself In Front Of The Camera In Every Video.

Pro Tips - If You Can Make Thumbnail Related To The Subject On Which The Video Is Being Created, Then Understand That 50% Of Your Traffic Will Come From The Same Thumbnail, So You Should Try Thumbnail Well Along With The Video.

Thumbnail You Can Use Canva,  Photoshop,  And  Picsart  To Create A Nice Thumbnail.

# 4. Use The Best Video Editor: -  If You Run A Personal Vlog, Then You Need To Edit Your Video Less And You Can Use Video Editor From Basic But Besides This, If You Make A Video On Any Other Topic You Need To Have A Good Video Editor.

Agar, You Want To Use For Yourself Video Editor Mobile So Kine Master Does Not Respond To You By Clicking Here Is That Which Can Be Downloaded From Google Play Store The Kine Master You Can Create A Professional Video Condition That You Should Come To Use It.

Apart From This, You Can Also Use The Fillmore Go App On Mobile. This Can Also Help In Creating A Good Video For You. You Can Download Movieora Go By Clicking Here.

There Are Many Options Available For Laptops Or Computer Users, Which Can Give You A Nice Look And If You Talk About Computers And Laptops, Heavy Software Like Camtasia And Filmora Go Have No Answer But For Them, One Problem Is That All Is Paid And After Giving You Lots Of Money, You Get It.

But Here's The Solution Too. As Long As You Do Not Earn Money From Youtube, You Can Use The Crack Which I Would Not Recommend, But When You Start Earning Money, You Must Buy Them. You Can Search In Google To Use Crack Version And Download Software For A Great Computer For You.

In Addition To Video Editing, You Need To Read One More Software, And You Have - Screen Recorder. Because Of The Tech-related Videos, They Also Have To Record The Screen And For This, You Can Download The Du Recorder In The Mobile And For The Computer, You Can Work With Free Software Like Icecream Recorder.

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# 5. Maintaining Confidence: - To Give Good Expression To Youtube, It Is Important To Put Yourself In Confidence. People Will Like You Only When You Make Them Feel That You Have Full Knowledge About The Subject That You Are About To Tell Them And You Have Personally Experienced It As Well.

There Is No Work Of Dabbo Type Logo In Youtube, And When Making A Video, It Will Be Such That Thousands Of People Watching You Stand In Front Of You And You Have To Explain Them Well, Now You Should Have Knowledge About How To Do This Now.

Yes, I Also Agree Here That No Matter How Much Effort You Get In The Beginning, You Will Not Have The Confidence That Should Come, But When You Make 2-4 Videos Than You Will Start To Feel Like Doing It In Yes. So Try To Keep Your Voice Good And If Possible Try To Make A Video Using The Mic So That Your Audio Quality Is Even Better.

Friends, All This Is Not So Easy But Remember One Thing - You Can Do It Everything Is Possible

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 # 6. Focus Only On Your Content: - You Are New Youtube And Millions Of People Have Filled Up On Youtube Before You And There Is No Lack Of Talent In All, So Do Not Ever Think About Why You Do Not Get The View By Making A Video. You Have Done Well On Your Side Just To See Nothing More Than This

Your Video Will Only Get A Good Rank When You Give Your Time On Youtube And One Or Two Days People Will Know The Quality Of Your Video And You Will Also Get Good Views And Any Successful Youtube Today Has Not Had Success, And They Too Have Struggled To Come Here.

You Also Have To Separate Something From The Crowd And Make A Place For Yourself In A Successful Youtube And You Can Do It When You Can Do It, So Why Not You.

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You Can Start A Youtube Career Start Without Having To Do Any Hard Work And It May Be A Bit Of A Problem And It Is In The Works, Whatever You Do. In The Beginning, Even If The Channel Does Not Grow, New Youtube Becomes Demotivate And That Ends Your Career But You Do Not Have To Do It.

If You Want To Travel Long Distances Then There Will Be Trouble In Between But Instead Of Fleeing From Them, You Should Fight Them Fearfully So That You Can Succeed. Apart From This, One Of The Biggest Problems In Youtube Is That If You Put Content Used In Any Video, Then Your Channel Can Also Be Deleted So You Should Never Copy Any Content.

So Friends Expect That You Should Know About How And Why You Should Start Youtube Career And If You Are A Blogger Then Better Than This You Can Not Know In Today's Time. The Additional You Are Doing It's Higher For You.

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