Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How to earn money from shosha app

How to earn money from shosha app
Since you have the best Android application that helps you make money for making money, do you want to make money online after being in the right place?

You can expect different videos and share videos, start friends and start earning money.
It shows that the Internet is better than pornography and video games – you can do it for money! Imagine that imagination as a great country to think about the Internet.
Running your cards correctly, you can easily make online stuff online.

Do you think you see real videos to earn real money? Yes, with Shisha, you have to watch fun and educational videos at different classes and get points and finally get real money.
Virtual Assistant is not physically present without any money making money online for anyone. Protect, consult, write and modify websites, content publishing, marketing, coding, web and app development, research, and more.

How to get points in the video status application?
1) When a user views a video or uploads the video, he will receive premium points.
2) Share your code to others and get a reward point for every user registered with your reference code.
3) On registering, the user will receive reward points
Note: – The user will receive reward points when a user uploads a video and the admin video user has approved it.
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