Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How To Make Money From Facebook Creator's

today we are telling you that what is the Facebook Creator app? And what is the Facebook Creator App? Friends, we are going to explain to you in simple and simple words.

The way YouTube is a video sharing platform and you can earn money by monetizing the video. Likewise, Facebook has also launched a new service some time ago, which is known as the Facebook creator.

What Is The Facebook Creator App:

Facebook Creator is a video sharing platform like YouTube. This is a platform where any person can upload and upload videos according to their interests and monetize those videos and earn money by running a Facebook advertisement on them.

As you know, Facebook is a World Famous Social Site and any content that is shared on it is seen in the whole world. Because the number of Facebook has currently reached 200 million. That's why Facebook's new service creators are going to be profitable. There are unlimited possibilities to earn money here.

Features Of Facebook Creator:

Facebook Creator is a service that lets you create videos, watch live telecast, watch your video insights, and partner with Open Fan. This application is meant for video profiles for Facebook profiles or Facebook pages. Where you will get this facility which is as follows.

Live Creative Kit: You can make your live telecast even better. With the introduction of videos, closing, custom frame, sticker etc., you can make it even more fun.

Community Tab: With this, you can manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Mission in the same inbox.

Insight: From here you can explore Insight related to your Facebook page, audience, and video display.

Inspiration Feed: From here you can find that other creator's content, which your fans are seeing right now.

What Type Of Video Share On Facebook Creators:

Friends, if you prepare videos in the best format with full planning here, then it will help to attract more audiences. This increases the chances of your fans coming back. Here you can enter comedy videos, vlogs, animated videos, and live videos.

How Much Facebook Creator Gives:

Facebook also shares the revenue of 55:45 percent of Facebook on YouTube, and you will get 55% of your earnings on the video and the remaining 45% will be kept by Facebook itself. It is also good on YouTube, will get.

How To Join Facebook Creators:

If you already have facebook profile or page, then you can join Facebook creators through it.

Follow this step to join Facebook Creators.
First of all, open your Internet browser and search by typing " www.facebook.com/creators/join " in the address bar.

Now the Facebook Creators website will open in front of you. Here you can click on the Join button given on the top left side.

After this, click on the "sign in with Facebook" option in the next page.

After this, after following the step by step option, fill the correct information according to your need.

When all your steps are completed, one page will open before you, in which the greeting message will be "congratulations you're in". That is, Facebook Creator is welcome to this program and now you have become a member of the Facebook Creators Community.

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