Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why Does Blogger Monthly Income Report Not Share? Should Share Or Not?

Hello friends, welcome to you once again in my today's post. Friends, this post is going to be something special today because in today's post we will talk about what is the reason that the bigger Blogger Monthly Income Report does not share anything with anyone. Whenever you ask about his income report, he is always given the answer to the wind, but he never tells anything about his real income.

 Why does Blogger Monthly Income Report not Share

Friends, today we are just going to talk about this and will try to know what is the reason for not sharing the Blogger Monthly Income Report and if they do not tell about their income then do they do right? Again, there is another reason for this, that anybody who earns online money does not want to tell about their income.

So friends ask the first question that I ask you, that you are also a blogger and if you are earning well from your blog, will you share your income with anyone?

If You Are Sensible Then You Will Never Do This? Yes, Yes, This Is The Truth.

Then the question is that many people have their income reports on blogs, meaning someone or someone shares it, why do they share it then? Just like you assume that you visited SupportMeIndia, you will find some posts related to the income report on his blog, which makes a lot of income from his blog.

I have also read all those posts and have read many times. It is really fun to read about someone's income report and if I am doing a good income then I am very happy because India's blogger earns it in dollars, then this work is truly appreciated but after a few days Are these blogger's income reports closed and closed?

What happens is that some bloggers share their reports barely 4 or 5 times after sharing the income report and after that, they stop sharing the Monthly Income Report?
As far as I have researched, I am sharing my experience.

=> If you want to increase traffic on your blog, then you should submit an income report to your visitor and your report should be such that you are earning monthly 50 thousand or more easily. The truth is that you will have the greatest advantage that there will be good traffic on your site and there is no shortage of those who read that post.

I have seen on many blogs that there is a lot of people who comment on the post which is related to the income report on their blog and it is also given a lot of congratulations. By doing all this, can you become a pro blogger too?

=>  Monthly income report, you can soon become a pro blogger and you probably know well what it means.

=>  As far as I am concerned, you can not share your monthly income report for a long time and should not even do it.
=>  4 or 5 times by sharing income report, there is always real-time traffic on all those posts on your site and these posts do not take long to rank in google.

=> It is not necessary that if you have earned one lakh rupees this month then earn more or more in the next month. If you have earned less, then you can not share your report and cannot tell your visitor that I Earnings have decreased this month, so some bloggers stop sharing monthly income report.

So friends were the reason for this, because of which you will find a post related to the 4 or 5 income report on somebody's blog and some of them have been used personally as if I had a good income once I also posted a post. In fact, the number of comments that were on my whole blog at that time was the same comment that I had come on my post alone and every time there was nobody on that post.

So should you also do that? Yes, according to the way it was told, everyone should have felt that yes, even we should also post 2-4 even if I earn so much money?

No, you should not do this and its consequence is always in your favor, is there no guarantee? You may also suffer as I do. So let me tell you why the Blogger Monthly Income Report does not share and what should be shared or not?

Your Adsense Account Is The Most Losses

Just believe that the biggest disadvantage of not having a Blogger Monthly Income Report is that the most harm to your successful partner Adsense is due to this.

You also know very well that if someone does blogging, then he earns money online using Ad Network and AdSense is the most trusted Ad Network in terms of earning money and if you tell everyone that I am using Adsense I am earning so much money so many haters can hurt this and your Adsense can also be closed by doing an invalid activity in your account.
Because of this, no one wants to lose their account and nobody shares their income with anyone. Once your account is closed, then your online income can be closed.

So, if you want to keep your Adsense safe, never share an income report with anyone.

It Is Off Topic For All Bloggers

What are you proving by telling someone what you are earning from a blog? It does not make sense to me, and if you are presenting an income report then I do not think it has any meaning.

Blogger is always helpful, we all know well, but the income report you submitted can confuse your new reader, so I believe that you do not share anything related to Adsense. Should. You should only share the same thing which can benefit the logo and nowadays every blogger understands this thing well and takes care of it.

 Blogger Monthly Income Report Does The Worst Damage To The New Blogger?

Let's say I am new to blogging and I also read anybody's income report from anywhere. I was impressed by this and I also thought that I would also earn monthly Rs 1 lakh.

But is it so easy that you will earn even millions of rupees?

No, it is not easy at all, and if you are a blogger then you know very well how hard you have to do in blogging and even then it may not be the result of your side.

I have seen my friends on my social media who work very hard in blogging but they are still not earning anything after this year, in such a way they feel that your income offered by you is false and it may be that Leave blogging.

Income reports make many people fellow but soon this income report becomes the reason for leaving blogging. I am saying this because many people ask me on social media, " Can the income report published on the blog be trusted? "
I say to all that it depends on you how you see it. After looking at someone's income report, you have to know more about that band and if he looks at your brand, then you can trust his income reporter. Let's say that if you look at ShoutMeLoud 's income report then his income report can be trusted.

It Is Important To Have A Secret Of Every Job

It may also be the reason for not having an income report share of bigger bloggers. You also know that being the secret of anything or business is the biggest sign of success and everyone wants it to be secret, secrecy and you can not tell the Publickly logo about your income, To be.

If you tell everyone about your work only that I have earned so much money after doing this work in this way, then all will use that method and everyone will get the result too, but it is a direct loss to you.

I have seen many bloggers who earn a very good income but if you ask them about income, then just say that they are just fine. Let me tell you with an example - if you do not use any ad network, then you can use affiliate of any company. Assure you so much that you will earn more than Adsense.

I took information about one affiliate from someone and he told that it is a good income. I also thought that okay, this is also my own category and I can see it by using it too. Tell me so much that I have received so much money from him that I have never earned it with Adsense.

So there are a lot more programs like this but we can not tell it to all that we are earning so much money by using them. This is the biggest reason that if you do not tell your income then it is good.

So friends were some of the big reasons to not share the Blogger Monthly Income Report. If I talk to you, I can never think of sharing my income report with just about anything and you also ask that you do not question me like this.

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