Monday, May 27, 2019

Cleaner for WhatsApp for Android - APK Download - Razza Products

What a wonderful feature has come in WhatsApp Through which you can do a lot You will need an application for this.You looked a lot When you talk to someone on whatsapp You get voice sms, the video Picture And Audios,But some duplicate files Because of which the memory of your mobile is full ! In this condition this Application  will be very useful for you.
Main Features:-
Delete all duplicates in 1 minute
1.All duplicated videos will be deleted in 1 minute
2. Will be deleted from all duplicate pictures in 1 minute
.All duplicate audio  will be deleted in 1 minute
4.Duplicate documents will be deleted in 1 minute
5.Duplicate Profile Pictures will be deleted in 1 minute
6. Deletes all duplicate Files in 1 minute
Finds and removes old files in WhatsApp chats and frees up space on your device
The WhatsApp messenger saves all images and video files from every chat on your smartphone. If you use WhatsApp for a long time, these files can take up several gigabytes of space on your device. This can cause apps to run slowly or incorrectly.
Cleaner for WhatsApp can find old files and delete them. You can completely delete all of the files it finds or just files that were downloaded more than a month ago. You can also enable automatic cleaning based on a schedule.
Possible ways to free up memory:
•  Delete all files found
•  Delete files downloaded more than a week ago
•  Delete files downloaded more than a month ago
•  Delete files downloaded more than 3 months ago
•  Delete files larger than 100Kb
•  Delete files larger than 1 MB

* The trademark WhatsApp is the property of WhatsApp Inc. This application is developed by SDev Team and is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.
cleaner for whatsapp, space cleaner & booster to clear media files
cleaner for whatsapp is useful phone cleaner, booster that allow you to clear received & sent files via watsap in order to free space on your device.
clean whatsapp is free app cleaner, boost app to clean watssap media files like videos, audios, images and other files from your android smartphone or tablet with just one click, whatsapp cleaner is simple and easy to use with cool interface.
cleaner whatsapp helpe you to manage received and sent videos, images, audios ,voice notes, allpaper, Profile Picture & Databases of watsap folder, you can clear or share media files using whatsapp cleaner, storage cleaner provide delete mutiple files feature with one tap or you can delete all files folders on just one click.
cleaner for whatsApp offer user-friendly interface with top quality design, very easy and simple to use, clear whatsapp is boost cleaner will increase your phone speed and to release phone space by cleaning the junk files.
cleaner whatsapp bring the best solution to manage the internal storage of your mobile phone, we use watsap to send videos, images, audios thos files after a while becomes so huge and take big space of storage that whats make your phone slower and cause memory leake.
🌟Cleaner for WhatsApp Key Features 🌟
✔️ All WhatsApp media files in the one place.
✔️ Clear whatsapp selected media files (video, image, audio, voice notes, documents...).
✔️ Delete all media files with one click.
✔️ Clear WhatsApp media junk files for each category.
✔️ Explore watsap media files types before the clean.
✔️ Explore the received and sent media separately.
✔️ user-friendly interface.

clean whatsapp is 100% FREE app cleaner, you can handle all your phone media files to save space by this super phone cleaner tool. Install this android cleaner whatsapp to master received & sent file of your android phone.
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