Tuesday, June 11, 2019

7 Google slides tips to design your presentations effortlessly

7 Google slides tips to design your presentations effortlessly. Well this is much difficult but not so much to design your own presentation slides in within seconds using Google Slides. Make slides on PowerPoint and also Google Slides earthquake more easy to customise and design your own presentation slides with short limit of time and efforts.

7 Google slides tips to design your presentations effortlessly

Google Slides is one of the the Google's new service which is recently started as compared to Microsoft PowerPoint it is much more easy and faster to make your own slides.

With collaboration of your projects google Slides also giving lots of new features and creativity tools is not only save your time but also so very helpful for your developers and teams 40 presentation of any business projects as well as on your work horse.

With amazing skills, Google Slides will give you some of some features and here are some of the quick tips to make your own presentations effortlessly.

1. Master slide 

Masters slide is one of the slide for all of the slides you can also call it as a mother slide for all slides present in a project.

Now the benefit of using this light is that you can easily make changes in every slides by I make changes in this mother slide. Now you can easily change font size, business logos can apply other changes very quickly.

2. Adding images 

Adding images is another cool feature which will allow you to insert images without leaving the window.

By this option you can easily insert any photo from your Windows aur by using Google search engine.

From the above options you can easily insert the image from top menu bar while it will not close your current window but it will also shown on the right side of the window is least like to your any photo.

3. Text Dictation 

Text dictation is one of the coolest feature where you can make your own content by your voice.

With the help of your microphone you can easily make content on your every slide and save in text format.

You can use this feature by which thing tools option from top menu and and then slept voice type speakers notes option to start typing on the Notepad by your micro phone icons on the Notepad.

4. Collaborate with other members 

Google Slides also give you collaboration feature where you can share your documents and slides with others.

From this option you can can easily make editing options for others by sharing your slides documents and allow them to edit by others.

You can share it via email addresses aur by sharing URL of the Google slide.

5. Import and export 

Import and export is another coolest feature which is already available in Microsoft PowerPoint.

From this option you can easily import and export your powerPoint slides and also Google Slides.

To export and import you can easily select import options and then you can pick your PPT files.