Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Huawei might be building its own OS to counter Google ban

Huawei might be building its own OS to counter Google ban.US-China is on fire now huawei is ban by using any kind of Google products and OS to run huawei business. It is the era of war between different countries or Technology where have I almost suffered fatal injury buy us Ban over Hawaii and now they decided to block Android upgrade on Huawei mobile.

Huawei might be building its own OS to counter Google ban

Recently Huawei mobiles lost their contact with Google's licence application and they are not running on Huawei mobile devices.

Users from all over the world of Huawei already criticize and return back their huawei devices to the store.

Huawei is one of the biggest Chinese company of smartphone and recently they started Plan B to build their own operating system which will compete android and Google.

According to haway this operating system will be one of the most powerful operating system with complete software support and updates for app.

Google and Android Play Store 

Google Play Store and Android is one of the most popular apps and search engine used in the history.

Why Android is the complete operating system for application to run and Google also licensed many applications which are running on Google Play Store these are gmail , youTube , google map and others.

As we have a Support google Play Store and Google app but google entirely shutdown Google services and there is notice and no source to Google licence and any other third party application to be used by Huawei devices.

Now imagine if you have Huawei mobile and you will no access to Android and also Playstore then and we can call that this mobile has no operating system but hold on Huawei is going to make its own operating system soon which will be more powerful than Android.

Huawei on OS for mobile phones 

US attack on Huawei company e is not search affected our company as they are making their own OS back in 2012 and they will soon launch its with the name of HongMeng OS.

Of no Huawei Android is on the competition against Android and they will have to personalize its own app store which is is app gallery for the Huawei devices.

Huawei HongMeng OS and their problems 

As away has started their own iOS operating system but hold on how they will run it without Google vendors as most of the applications and complete Huawei was dependent on Google licence applications.

Now Huawei appgallery should have potential to replace all of the most popular apps by Google such as Google Drive , google docs , calendar, google Gmail and others which are using nowadays.

Now the problem is you cannot build your own apps for your complete operating system and there should be such knowledge to build this apps for customers and also good response by them.