Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cleaner For Andriod: Phone Booster & Ram Cleaner - APK DOWNLOAD - Razza Products

Cleaner For Android is the best solution for slow and lagging Android Phone.
Cleaner For Android : a versatile and effective app to boost and optimize your Android phone’s performance. This Android optimizer app comes with one-tap booster feature to clean junk files, optimize phone’s battery, delete duplicate files, app manager and various other modules to improve device’s overall performance.
Moreover, this best cleaner for Android is compatible with latest Android version.

Quick RAM booster (cache cleaner and RAM optimizer)
Manually cleaning phone’s cache and optimizing RAM isn’t easy. RAM optimizer makes it simple. By simply tapping TAP TO BOOST you can solve all your Android phone problem and optimizer its performance.
Junk File Cleaner (clutter remover)
Due to prolonged usage Android devices get cluttered with hundreds of junk files that clutter your phone. Junk File Cleaner module identifies and securely removes this clutter to free up space and improve phone’s performance.
Battery Saver (battery reviver)
Battery Saver analyses battery usage status and terminates battery draining apps that are not in use but still run in the background. This feature effectively addresses battery drain problem faced by Android users. It extends and saves battery power, plus shows device’s temperature.
Game SpeedUP (enhance gaming experience)
While playing games experiencing performance or stability issues on your device is frustrating. Game SpeedUP frees up valuable resources and RAM to give your device a significant speed boost. It closes any background running processes to boost gaming processes, and to enhance gaming performance.

Manage Storage Proficiently (App Manager)
Application has the perfect App Manager module to locate and display space-hogging apps that are no longer in use. You can uninstall and disable such apps to recover space and speed up Android. Moreover, you can Archive files. This means the best Android optimizer app will take a backup of .apk files before deleting them.