Saturday, August 3, 2019

Shh No Last Seen or Read for Android - APK Download - Razza Products

Know when a friend reads your WhatsApp messages, but read theirs anonymously 😏
Read your WhatsApp messages in Incognito mode, and hide Blue Double Check
Featured in the many digital newspapers in Spain: ABC, Expansion, ADN, Que!, El Android Libre, Xataka, Computer Hoy, etc.
No double check. And definitely no blue double check. So simple as that :)
No need to remove the internet connection or be in offline mode, you can hide your WhatsApp status with internet while reading your messages.
You can safely read your WhastApp messages with our application. Your friends will never know you read them. Whenever you want, just open WhatsApp to be able to reply as usual. Only at that point, when you open Whatspp, you will leave our Incognigo mode, so your friends will see the blue double check. They will not know you already read them before. It works too with hide last seen whatsapp.

As users, we thought having all your friends know when exactly you connected into WhatsApp, and even worse, when exactly you read your messages, is just too much. We're developers, too. So we built an app for that! For no blue double tick or blue double check o chulitos azules o doble chulos azules.

This is what I always do now: read my messages in Incognito mode, and go to WhatsApp when I'm ready to reply. Pretty simple.

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  1. 2 mobile p 1 sath whtsapp chalai ha tarqa bta dome to boht koshish ki lakin ni mila tariqa