Thursday, August 22, 2019

Voice Changer Voice Recorder - Editor & Effect latest 2.0 - Razza Products

Funny effects for changing voice πŸ€–πŸ‘»πŸ‘½Enchanting sound for singing 🎀All Free!
Have you been fed up with boring voices? Do you need some amazing audios to shock your friends?🎢 Do you dream of a smooth, appealing voice to sing songs?🎡 Do you want to become a super voice maker? All you need is a super voice changer. 🎧
With the voice changer and recorder, you can easily have an enchanting voice with different effects! Download the sound changer and voice editor to customize parameters and enjoy the best sound effects right now!⚡ 😊

🎧 Why Voice Changer?
⭐ a funny voice changer for phone calls & messengers
⭐ a fascinating voice recorder for memory & sharing
⭐ an app for voice games and voice improving
⭐ a mine of good sound effects for singing & editing voice
⭐ a gathering of superhero voices and other film roles
⭐ a tool to play an audio in the saved list when you are calling & recording

πŸ‘½ Funny voice effects for games:πŸ‘½
Baby Robot
Old man

🎀 Voice effects for singing:🎀
Karaoke Reverb
Chorus effects
Phonograph effects
Studio Reverb
Theater Reverb
Concert Reverb