Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How to get google adsense approval on blogger blog or website

Get Fast Google Adsense Approval:


To get adsense approval on your blog or website or if you want to show google adsense ads on your blogger you have to these things.

1 First Post 30+ Unique  Articles

2 Everyday Post 5 articles Daily

3 Make These Pages Must

privacy policy
cookies policy
terms and conditions
about us
contact us

4 Choose Responsive Theme As Load  Fast

5 Make Main Menu Pages Must for example  seo tricks or course
software hardware

6 Customize It Little That Can Look Better  So Google Will Like It

7 After Applying Post 1 Article Per day
Make Sure Do Not Change Any thing In Site After Applying

Wait For Reply
If you buy a domain and then apply It will be fast approved in 1 to 3 days