Sunday, September 15, 2019

Internet Speed Booster - APK DOWNLOAD - Razza Products

Internet Speed Booster & Meter increasing your internet speed.

Internet Speed ​​Booster is a free application that automates a series of commands and optimizations that puts your browser at the top of the priority on your Android system.

Internet Speed ​​meter is designed to improve your browsing experience because Your Internet speed is determined by your ISP and can not be changed, however, many other factors can affect how your device benefits from this. speed.

If you encounter slow internet speeds with the WiFi or Mobile Data network (2g, 3g, 4g LTE), this tool can be used for an optimal browsing experience, which is why Internet Speed ​​Booster & Optimizer exist!

This application acts as an Internet accelerator and optimizer and performs a list of automated tasks that help increase Internet speeds and the Wi-Fi network. These actions can be performed manually by the user, but because they take a lot of time, the application can optimize them thanks to its Internet Booster function.

Internet Speed Master is a powerful signal booster to help you improve your device's signal and make the most of your network, perform some actions that can be manually performed, calculate your internet speed, and analyze your network configuration to help you improve your network. improve your Internet connection.