Friday, September 6, 2019

MAX Battery - Battery Life Saver,Battery Protector for Android - Razza Products

Stop power draining apps to save battery. Improve battery performance!
MAX Battery is a professional and free battery-saving app. By monitoring battery life and turning off battery-draining apps, it helps to save battery and protect battery health. This powerful battery-saving app provides usage & charging time estimation. And it also tells useful battery status for you to manage your using time. Just Download and protect your phone's battery!
Excellent battery life saver, MAX Battery is worth trying!
The Main Features of MAX Battery
🔋 Save Battery - Check and stop battery-draining apps, save battery power in real time
⭐️ Estimate Battery Life - Provide scientific usage & charging time estimation
Amazing Charging Themes - Choose cool special effects for charging
❄️ Monitor Battery Temperature - Detect and close overheating apps
💡 Battery Info - Show detailed information and let you know better about your battery status
🔌 Protect Battery - Monitor and protect battery charging
🗑 Junk Cleaner - Clean junk files on your device
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🎊 Save Battery
MAX Battery uses a professional method to detect your phone and gives a list of power-consuming apps. You can turn off apps that steal power in the background to optimize battery usage, save battery power.

🎊 Estimate Battery Life
MAX Battery can predict the usage & charging time. It predicts the time when the battery will run out and how long it will be full of power, by monitoring the battery power and application's power consumption in real time. It can even predict how long your phone will be used in standby, 3G talk, music, video, and Internet browsing situations.