Monday, October 14, 2019

LED FlashLight - Flash On Call - APK Download - Razza Products

Flash alerts on call, Flash on call and sms. Flashlight call alert, Torch
Free Brightest Flash on call and SMS flashlight alerts application. The flash on call feature finally available for Android phones. Flash alerts is helpful in a situation when you are in a dark place or hospital, meeting or prayer place where you don’t want to hear ringtones. Regulate the number of flashes when new message is received.
Brightest flashlight is smart flash tool to give you flash light notification flash alerts through led torch on incoming call & sms. Flash alert enables Android phone’s camera flash for notifications alerts on call & sms. When you get an incoming call, sms, mms or any other notification flash alert gives you amazing bright flash alerts. Fully customizable flashlight! Set custom amount of flashes and speed for all incoming calls.
This is an ultimate flash light which activates automatic flash light to get your attention on any notification alerts you choose. It will give you flash light alerts which is very useful at times.
Key features of Flash on Call and SMS, Flash alert :
✔ Turn flashlight ON or OFF all the blink flash alerts with a single tap
✔ Blinking Flash on SMS Message .
✔ Ringing color flashlight notify when you have incoming Call, incoming SMS.
✔ Flash on notifications from : Viber, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype and Whatsapp .
✔ Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call or incoming SMS
✔ Smart feature - doesn't flash when you are using the phone
✔ Turn off flashing flash when battery is low
✔ SOS flash: use in important cases, need to create attention around.
If you are fed-up to use your old android’s style flash on call and sms, ring tone or LED flash light, you’ll find our super flash app not just a brightest flashlight but Led torch flash makes your phone a versatile brightest flashlight alerts, light your phone.
Never be caught in the dark without a torch light again.

Flash on call and sms for android with fast fach flashlight on is a best flashlight app.