Sunday, October 6, 2019

Torch Vault : Gallery Vault - APK DOWNLOAD - Razza Products

πŸ‘‰Hidden Torch- Image & Video Vault with lockscreen including fingerprint.πŸ”₯
Hidden Torch- Image & Video Vault with lock and fingerprint support. hidden gallery over laying vault manualy change lock pattern according to you in hidden torch-image & video vault.
This app looking like a normal torch application but it has invild under secret hidden gallery place area where you easily to hidden yoour all privacy as photo,video and file docs under lock pin,pattern and fingureprint security. Exclusively app has to valut secure.
-your privacy photo & video hide which is no one know about this hidden torch all family and friend never find out your privacy only you can see this to unlock security. they only use for torch.

Secret Gallery Locker
Torch Vault - Hide Pictures & Videos
This is a smart and secret gallery vault by Hide behind torch.
Hide your secret photos and videos behind secret gallery locker.
1. Hide photos & Videos.
2. Hide Audios.
3. Create Secret Notes.
4. Fake Passcode for display empty vault.

1. Use FingerPrint: Use to open vault with your FingerPrint.
2. Read/Write Storage Permission: Use to get Files from storage for hide/unhide.
3. Internet Permission: Use to showing ads.

4. Camera Permission: This permission use for Led flashlight.