Saturday, November 30, 2019

Battery Saver & Charger Optimizer - APK DOWNLOAD - Razza Products

Flip your phone to save battery and improve battery performance. FREE! ⚡

Are you looking for an app that helps you to save battery and shows you all about your battery consumptionFlip & Save is an effective battery saving app that analyses your battery charging data, provides you with info about the percentage indicator, the usage and the performance indicator amongst others and allows you to optimize your battery duration/life.

? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here you have an app that eases energy saving, optimization and calibration! Download Flip & Save, the best battery saver application, for free and discover how to save battery and increase battery duration in just one flip!

Flip & Save not only helps you with energy-saving and battery consumption optimization but it also shows you all you need to know to improve your phone performance:

✔️ Charge level and percentage
✔️ Additional gained time after charging your phone
✔️ Length of time that your screen has been on and length of time that your screen has been on sleeping mode
✔️ Your current battery level
✔️ Your battery life status: good status, needs changes or needs repairing
✔️ Your battery temperature indicator
✔️ Battery voltage