Sunday, January 5, 2020

Data Saver FOR Android - APK DOWNLOAD - Razza Products

DataEye is the best way to save and manage your data & battery and get free data
DataEye saves you mobile data and battery by letting you manage your mobile data traffic and helping you discover the latest Offers. App based data usage control means there is no more hidden fees or data-heavy background traffic. You enjoy the best mobile applications and websites with a peace-of-mind.
1) ACCESS AMAZING OFFERS – We save you mobile data and money by bringing you great offers on the most popular apps.
2) KNOW WHERE YOUR DATA GOES – You deserve to know how your data is used, so we let you control it on an app-by-app basis. This way you keep more of your mobile data and money.
3) EXTEND YOUR BATTERY LIFE – Unwanted background data drains your phone's battery. By putting you in charge of your data usage we significantly increase your phone’s battery life.
4) GO GLOBAL – Data doesn’t stay local, so we make it easy to manage your mobile data, even while roaming.
With DataEye, you discover an amazing world of data free Apps and finally take charge of your mobile data usage!
*We are working hard to bring more mobile operators onboard with Offers. Your mobile operator may not provide any currently but you can enjoy DataEye to save mobile data and extend your battery life.

Data Saver: App for data manager and data usages
Are you always worried about mobile data analyzer, mobile data manager? Now, with our Data Saver, you can easily track data usage free and save mobile data. With smart data saving mode, the data saver 4G app will help you save more data and control data usage, use data more efficient.
Why you should choose our data manager application?
⭐ Easy Data Control: This function allows you to view data usage of applications. You can block data applications if get out of your control to save data usage. Real-time monitoring of data managing.
⭐ Super data saver mode: By controlling and limiting data, you can save data mobile and expand data. Using mobile data packages in longer time.
⭐ No bothering with packet restrictions: You can watch more movies, listen to more online music or surf the web without worrying about the cost of mobile data usage.
⭐ The bubble tracker helps you see how much data you're using
⭐ Data limit: You can set monthly or daily data limitation
⭐ Free install and use data tracker and data saver app 4G
⭐ The data extender application is stable, fast and smooth
Download the mobile Data Saver application today to experience the great things that the application data manager brings. Surfing the web, online without worry about saving data, manage data usage.
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