Monday, January 13, 2020

Wifi Speed Booster For Android - APK DOWNLOAD - Razza Products

Pinger Your Mobile Network

4G LTE Signal Booster Network is an internet connection signal support application for pinging servers and avoiding leaps to minimum values. Set the delay for ping server polling and monitor the frequency of the signal with the log that has been provided.

This application helps improve the quality of your signal ping to manage usage of load management and monitoring tests through pinging servers.

Suitable for those of you who like to play games. Use of this application is useful for those who work a full day using the internet signal connection.

How does it work:
- Monitor pinging your network connections by activating services, and then set the server ping check using polling intervals and log frequencies to reduce delays to the minimum values ​​contained in the settings.
- Change and adjust any host to check ping
Disclaimer: This application only helps monitor and stabilize your connection network by managing loads on the server ping. This application is not as a promoter or increases your download speed. Please use this application wisely.
If you feel your network is not functioning properly, let us know your problem
Internet Optimizations App is here to help you get the most juice out of your internet connection, as well as better performance on apps that are internet-dependent. It attempts to provide a lag free experience.
We CANNOT change how strong is your signal or how fast is the internet speed your ISP provides, but what we can do is to prepare your device and help it take advantage of every available resource. The app performs actions and run commands that you could probably perform manually, but we simplified all the process and added custom patches so you can start optimizing with only one click.
Optimization levels
We provide different optimization levels depending on whether your device is rooted or not, and its Android version. If you are not sure about this, the app will automatically detect and determine the best profile for your device.

Root profile optimizations are the most extensive and includes internal network settings such as MTU size, buffer size, ttll hops, and more tweakings for wifi, lte, gprs, 3g, hsupa, hspa, edge, evdo and umts connections. You will have the option to make a backup of your default settings before proceeding, as a measure for maximum safety so you can revert anytime if you want.Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test: Easily Test Internet Speed and WiFi Speed
Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test is a powerful tool which helps you test Internet Speed and WiFi Speed on Android.
Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test makes it easy to test your internet speed. It’s easy, fast and accurate and the test results are presented in a user-friendly way.
With just one tap, Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test will test internet speed and show accurate broadband speed test results within 30 seconds.
Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test can test internet speed for your mobile cellular connections including WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3G networks.
Use Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test to easily run an internet speed test and measure your internet speed by taking a cellular or wifi speed test.
Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test is a simple but powerful free internet speed meter. It will help you test internet speed of wide range of mobile networks (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, WAP, LTE). with one tap and get all the information about your internet speed.
★ Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test Features :
■ 1-tap test to check your Internet Speed and WiFi Speed.
■ Real-time internet speed test.
■ Internet Speed Test - WiFi Speed Test shows network speed(WiFi, 5g,3G,4G etc.).
■ Test internet speed of Download, Upload and Ping.
■ Check internet speed.
■ Speed test online and broadband speed test.
■ Real-time graphs show Internet Speed and WiFi Speed.
■ Save the past results of Internet speed test automatically.
■ View History